1.      Cycle helmets must be worn.

2.      Race Numbers must be visible at all times. One warning only will be given to a competitor not showing his race number.

3.      Competitors withdrawing must inform officials as soon as possible.

4.      All roads whether public or on private property must be classed as being open at all times obey all road rules.

5.      Safety requirements and rules must be adhered to by all competitors.

6.      Directions of race officials must be followed.

7.      Officials on the course have the authority to give a warning or disqualify a competitor if race rules are broken.

8.      In case of disqualification you may choose to continue and have your time recorded and have the right to protest at the completion of the race.

9.      Disqualified competitors are not eligible for spot prizes.

10.   Competitors must be present for spot prizes.